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Carefully and earnestly, with all seriousness we work hard every day to search and select the best of several marketable species of Truffles in the different periods of growth and harvesting permitted by law, which vary according to the areas of origin, in their various stages of maturity: wonderfully fresh fragrant and superior Truffles, lusciously shaped and of noble maturity. Master chefs tell us that only particular Truffles with these characteristics will elicit that incredible rhapsody of flavours when sliced, grated or used as fillings for luxurious dishes, and manage to exalt the tastebuds of whoever savours the dish.We deliberately process skilful daily quantities of truffles, further selected, for the benefit of lovers of good food, offering them within 24 hours in all their freshness to the best Italian and foreign tables, to satisfy the increasingly refined tastes of our Customers.



D'Alonzo awarded the title of KNIGHT OF THE TRUFFLE in the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba

Truffle Species



European and international shipments in 24 hours