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At the end of the nineteenth century, in the middle Sangro valley, and precisely from Rojo del Sangro, the first young people of childhood left to work in the kitchens of the noble houses of the time. The love for their work that those boys put in led them to become refined cooks, opening up to other fellow villagers a high road to follow, who since the last century have made their art available in the best kitchens around the world, always keeping high the centuries-old tradition of their fathers. For this reason, the community of Rojo del Sangro, to honor the figure of the Cook, as an ancient pride of the village appreciated and considered everywhere, eternalized it in the bronze that stands as a monument, unique in Italy and perhaps in the world, placed at the entrance to the village. We are proud of our culinary art. For years the cooks of this country have sublimed Kings, Queens, Princes, Counts, Marquesses, Ambassadors and other noble figures, with delicious dishes based on carefully selected White and Black Truffles, and it is right, for their wisdom, to consider them worthy selectors in this regard. As a boy I also left that small village to learn that art and it was these chefs who taught me to know how to choose, appreciate and propose the Truffle as the only true diamond of ancient world cuisine.




D'Alonzo awarded the title of KNIGHT OF THE TRUFFLE in the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba

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