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In the heart of the Sangro River Valley, the late 1800's saw the first groups of young people in the prime of their youth forsake my hometown, or rather the tiny village of Rojo del Sangro, for the chance of finding work in the kitchens of aristocratic homes at that time. Through hard work and devotion to their profession, these young pioneers soon became accomplished chefs, and were the first in a long line of fellow villagers to follow in their footsteps, now expert masters who have been sharing their culinary skills for more than a century in kitchens the world over, forever honouring their forefathers' timehonoured reputation
. This explains why the village of Rojo del Sangro decided to pay tribute to its long-standing and highly regarded source of pride, the Chef's trade, by building a bronze monument to commemorate its culinary heritage and all those chefs it has so proudly cradled. This monument is probably the only one of its kind in Italy, or even world-wide, and is situated right at the entrance to the village.
We feel honoured by the culinary legacy our village has fostered. For many years now, chefs from our village have been catering for Kings, Queens, Princes, Counts, Marquis, Ambassadors and other members of nobility, tantalising them with sumptuous dishes based on carefully selected white and black Truffles, and given their degree of expertise, these Chefs are to be considered masters in such choices. 
When I was young, I also left my village behind to learn this trade, and it was these very same chefs that taught me how to select, to cook and to delight in the exquisiteness of Truffles, the only real jewel in the crown of old-fashioned culinary traditions the world over.




D'Alonzo honored as Knight in the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and of Wines of Alba

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